Evening Class-Thursday -18:00




We love our class, great energy, fun cardio and all of us dance together no matter what size, shape or age we are. 


Our evening class takes place on Thursdays at 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm at The Harris Academy Dance Studio– Tintagel Road – Orpington –BR5 4LG (Parking on site)

The class starts at 6.00 pm and up to 6.30 pm we go over basics steps, drills and  technique for those who want to improve. At 6.30 pm everyone is joining us and we start the class officially with drills  and combinations. At 7.00 pm we start to work on choreography and put all the drills and technique into a dance until 7.30 when we stop and have stretches and relaxation on the mat. 

You can come at 6.00 pm or 6.30 pm and if you want to leave at 7.00 pm before we start working on Choreography you can do so. 

Price of the class is £11 (Please have the right sum on you)  The price is the same if you stay for the full 2 hours or less. 

What to wear in class: comfortable clothes for exercising in and a hip belt (If you don’t have one I can provide you with one). You will need your own mat and a hand towel and water………..

We are a lovely group of women, very friendly and supportive of each other and we love our Belly Dance Class so the class is full of energy and fabulous vibe.

If you would like to join our bellydance group please email me and I will answer all your questions.


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